Here is a Great Idea! Simply turn the bright white LED's and suction to exterior glass and illuminate the interior where you need to work to get that door unlocked. (better than holding a flashlight in your mouth) Get yours today! More technical info as follows: BigEasy Night Light A great addition to your BigEasy kit, the BigEasy Night Light allows hands-free illumnation of the vehicle interior at night to allow tow driver, lock-out technician, officer and/or first repsonder to locate the door lock or keys while using the BigEasy Lock Out tool or other similar devices. Suction-cup design adheres the Night Light to the windshield or window of the vehicle. Powerful LEDs illuminate the interior so you know exactly where to position the BigEasy tool.

Six powerful LEDs provide 1,000,000 candlepower to give you the ability to focus a 1 foot diameter beam up to 4 feet away on the interior door lock area. Flexible 6-1/2 inch PVC suction cup design works in all temperature and weather conditions. Powered by three AAA batteries allows for one-person night-time lockout operation. BigEasy Night Light - #32933 - $49.95

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